About Our Products

Natures Grey Busters are a selection of shades for the discerning colour user who wants a more natural alternative to the conventional colours available on the High St.

Hair Colour and Allergy

Conventional colours almost always contain a mixture of peroxide,  permanent dyes (commonly abbreviated as P.P.D. or P.T.D.) and ammonia or an ammonium compound (M.E.A which is often claimed as non ammonia).

This mixture of chemicals can often cause discomfort or irritation on the scalp and can occasionally result in a serious allergic reaction. It is for this reason that these products carry this # warning symbol.

On extremely rare occasions this product can cause allergic reaction if this occurs discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Natures Grey Busters - PPD Free Hair Colour

Natures Grey Busters is a more natural alternative with safe dyes (no allergenic p-phenylenediamine) with the added benefits of being ammonia and peroxide free.

The product is so easy to apply as no mixing is required.

The colour lasts approximately 8 shampoos and leaves the hair in better condition than prior to application whilst colouring away up to 100% grey. As the colour fades naturally just apply again to the full head – there is no aggravation here with unsightly regrowths!

Natures Grey Busters – the natural, safe way to colour away your grey!