Natures Grey Busters - new website launched
We're delighted to present our new Natures Grey Busters website with a fresh new look making it easier than ever to buy our PPD free hair colours online.
Why should I use PPD or PTD Free colour?
You may have seen in the media how serious an allergic reaction to PPD or PTD hair colour can be. Hair dyes containing PPD or PTD are safe to use however if you are allergic and don’t follow the safety instructions you may be at risk of a serious reaction.
Hair dye without peroxide/ammonia/PPD
Customers who previously used Clairol's "Loving Care" range report that they have had great results with Natures Grey Busters.
Does Natures GreyBusters cover grey hair?
Does Natues Greybusters range of PPD free hair colours really cover grey hair?
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