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Colourant Comparisons

Here's a handy comparison chart to help you compare the composition of Natures Grey Busters shades against the conventional colours commonly available on the High Street.

All conventional  permanent colours and long-lasting semis are oxidative products. They contain compounds including PPDs or PTDs which are known to cause allergic reactions and irritation.

Natures Grey Busters is different: a more natural alternative with safe dyes with the added benefits of being ammonia and peroxide free - see how it compares with conventional colours.

  Natures Grey Busters Permanent Colours Long Lasting Semis
(24 shampoos plus)
Free from Peroxide?
Free from Ammonia?
Free from
Free from MEA*?

°PPD= p-phenylenediamine

* Important - MEA is an ammonium compound.

+ Many permanent colours state that they are ammonia free while still containing MEA, an ammonium compound